Welcome to the GR-Peach Design Contest 2016

Renesas is inviting students, hobbyists, professional design engineers, academia and budding engineers to design and build innovative embedded systems using Gadget Renesas (“GR”) Peach Board which is an ‘Open Source Compatible Development Board’ and completely compatible with Arduino Programming Language (using the Renesas Online Compiler as the programming platform).

The registration for the GR Peach Design Contest 2016 begins on July 10, 2016. You can register as yourself or a representative of a team and submit abstracts for the contest here. Top 100 abstracts will be given GR-Peach board free of cost for the actual project development. Participants are challenged to design unique/innovative embedded systems and submit each Entry/Project that must use the GR Peach Board and Renesas Online Compiler compatible with Arduino programming. The format for submissions for the contest is described in the Rules and Regulations.

Last date to register and submit abstracts is August 15, 2016, and project/entries must be submitted by January 15, 2017 for consideration. Top 20 participants will be selected and announced in 16 February 2016. To know more about the content schedule, click here.

For more details about the contest, please refer to Rules and Regulations.