The GR (Gadget Renesas) project plans to produce a series of board solutions. The first available board is the GR-SAKURA board, manufactured by Wakamatsu. The GR-SAKURA board using RX63N MCU offers an Arduino compatible board footprint and C++ template and libraries.

Two kinds of GR-SAKURA board are offered:

GR-SAKURA – Standard Version
Renesas 32-bit RX63N Group MCU (R5F563NBDDFP) is on-board
RX63N Group Specifications
Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers ready for its shields.
GR-SAKURA-FULL – Full Featured Version
GR-SAKURA board with LAN connector (RJ-45), USB host connector,
DC power supply jack, and MMC card shell

For more detailed specifications of GR-SAKURA and GR-SAKURA-FULL, refer to Wakamatsu Tsusho’s website: